Exciting Changes in 2021 - Surrey Lakes Glamping

Exciting Changes in 2021

Before our summer season at Surrey Lakes begins, we would love to inform you of all the new things that you’ll expect to see on our site.

Those of you who were here last year will remember the communal farm barn. We are going to make the front side of the room an open space so you can look at the amazing views and soak up the sun. There will be places to sit inside and out if you would like to eat your food by our communal area!


You will have better access to fridge space and indoor cooking facilities to make your outdoor experience more like home.

Updates to the car park and loos

Our Car park is also having a full revamp from what was a muddy track into a gravelled surface.

Our loos are getting a full upgrade and pur wonderful Brook Bell tents will now have a solid wooden base platforms that will be level. We can’t wait for this to be done, it will feel like living in a house when it’s done!

What about our Yurts and bell tents?

Outside our Great Yurts and Brook Bells we are going to install a lovely open platform as you enter your new nature home! Here you will be able to leave your shoes and jackets without needing to worry about getting your area muddy.

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